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Aphasia Group

Aphasia (uh fay zhuh) is a communication disorder which is caused by damage to the speech center of the brain.  Speech is the most noticeable impairment, but aphasia often affects reading, thought processing methods, focusing and memory.

Our goal is to motivate and encourage practice when progrees slows by using a variety of tools and techniques to encourage speech and thought process.  Led by an experienced aphasia group facilitator, our group is to complement rather than replace professional speech therapy

  • Support:  A self-help discussion group where people with aphasia meet to help one another
  • Encouragement:  A group of people with similar problems who offer mutual encouragement and moral support
  • Knowledge:  Helping the aphasia patient, their families and friends understand and conquer the physical and emothional problems associated with aphasia
  • Friendship:  A place to meet new friends, to share and to learn from each other
  • Understanding:  Where you meet as equals to find meaning and purpose by helping and teaching others.
Aphasia Meetings
1st and 3rd Tuesday 
10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.
Sebastian United Methodist Church 
Fellowship Hall
1029 Main Street
Sebastian, Florida 32958
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